Creating sustainable school-based mental health programs

Daybreak is now partnering with insurance providers in California to support students with accessible and affordable school-based mental health services. If your district is located outside of California, connect with our team to learn more about our growing coverage in other states.

Insurance Cost-Sharing Program

By billing insurance providers for school-based mental health services, we can serve more students while creating a financially sustainable way for districts to offer these services in the future.

Quick & Expanded Access

Daybreak is committed to getting students access to care quickly. That doesn’t change when we leverage insurance providers for cost-sharing. Our operations team works directly with insurers to make the process seamless. And, this allows us to serve even more students with mental health support.

No Cost for Families

Our mission is to make quality mental health support available for students and families. By partnering with insurance providers, there’s still no cost to families to access these school-based services.

Program Sustainability

In an effort to make these programs financially sustainable for districts, health insurance companies can provide some reimbursement for the care so that the school district doesn't have to pay for every student in perpetuity. Daybreak is the the glue between those two systems, working with school districts and health insurers to provide reimbursement.

Personalized Matching

Every student is matched with a clinician based on their personalized needs and preferences. During their intake appointment we will get to know them and understand their preferences in areas like language, gender, race/ethnicity, LGBTQ+ identification, personality style, and expertise.

Clinical Outcomes You’re Used To

Improvements at School
school staff report improvements in attendance, grades, and behavior
Symptomatic Outcomes
of students improve on the GAD/PHQ
Behavioral Improvements at Home
of families report behavioral improvements
Strong Therapeutic Alliances
of students we work with say we matched them to the right clinician based on their personal preferences

Frequently Asked Questions

Will insurance billing make the process longer or more complicated for families or staff to get started with Daybreak?

No. We have a user-friendly online welcome packet for families that helps them quickly provide consent and share their insurance information with Daybreak at the same time.

Will families have to pay anything?

Nope. All patient responsibility costs will be covered regardless of insurance status.

How do you collect consent and insurance?

We have a user-friendly online welcome packet for families that helps them to quickly provide consent and share their insurance information with Daybreak at the same time.

How do referring staff know if we’re still waiting on insurance? Will they recieve an email?

Staff can monitor the status of their students’ care journey on their customized Daybreak Dashboard. They will also have the option to send reminder emails to families to provide their insurance information.

My staff are concerned about involving some families in their student's treatment. Can they still self-consent?

Daybreak follows state and federal guidance related to self-consent. Please speak with your Daybreak account manager to discuss consent options in your state.