Mental health support designed for youth

Daybreak partners with youth, families, and schools to create personalized, easily accessible, and affordable mental health programs.

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Online, evidence-based therapy that works.

Stress, school pressures, relationships, academic performance, IEPs, anxiety - our evidence-based care programs can help.

  • Designed for youth: 70+ specialized clinicians matched based on personalized needs
  • No waitlist, guaranteed: Meet with your clinician in a matter of days
  • Care programs that work: 90% of parents report improvements

Daybreak is here to help

We provide support for a range of challenges facing
young people and their families.

Nervousness, anxiety, and worry

Motivation and engagement at school and at home

Healthier screen time habits and usage

Sadness & depression

Academic performance

Organization, prioritization, and concentration

What People Are Saying About Daybreak

I am able to let out my emotions and thoughts that are bothering me. It helps me get through stress. I feel like my therapist was really fit for me and my personality and she helped a lot!


I have someone to talk to about anything and everything. This was a pleasure that I did not have before receiving counseling. Additionally, I better understand myself and my harmful tendencies.


It allows me to reflect on my week and get rid of any burdens I may have by talking about what's going on.


I always thought that having a therapist meant something was wrong with me. I was wrong. Having a therapist means I have a place that is safe, somewhere that is only for me. You gave me that place. I never felt judged for being ME.


My counselor is rad, she makes therapy something that I look forward to and I know I am getting a lot out of the strategies. It has made a big impact on my life.


I love my therapist! I thoroughly enjoy Daybreak, and may just say that this saved my life on several occasions. Thank you. ❤️


Right when you think it's going to be awkward and hard to open up and talk they really make you comfortable and at ease with yourself.


At Daybreak, I have someone I am comfortable talking to. My counselor has guided me to find solutions to my problems or at least ways to cope with them.


You have helped [my son] so much and we are so grateful. He looks forward to talking with you and we have never experienced that with another therapist.


Our therapist is insightful, thoughtful and knowleadgable about our situation. She checks in with me to keep me informed of how she is progressing with my teenager whilst still respecting her privacy. She also supports me through this process.


Really helped my teen through a time of a lot of transitions. I appreciated the communication with me as a parent, but also the space for my teen to have confidential conversations with someone who wasn't her parent!


We have noticed a more positive disposition and attitude that seems to be growing steadily with each session with Daybreak. He increasingly communicates with us more about what he needs from us in terms of communication and support.


Our teen is no longer depressed. He has developed resilience and coping skills. As parents, we are not stressed out worrying about how to help him.


Daybreak makes the process so convenient. We tried to reach out to individual counselors before we heard of Daybreak, but it was time-consuming, and we were unsuccessful in finding anyone.


For our students to be able to quickly obtain services is noticeable after just a few weeks. Their comfort and ability to use coping strategies...that has been a gift.


Going from families who are saying they can’t find a therapist for their child to here’s the referral link to schedule the intake and by the end of the week they’ve already met with somebody. That was something I have never experienced.


Our partnership with Daybreak Health has proven to be instrumental in a short amount of time. They support our mission of helping students become the best potential version of themselves.


I have seen students be able to more effectively express their feelings and improve communication with their teachers, which then helps their overall feelings at school and academic progress.

School Counselor

This has been a great resource, especially for families who have been searching for mental health support. Students and families are relieved when we are able to schedule the intake within a few days.

School Counselor

One of my students deals with chronic pain. In working with her Daybreak counselor, she has developed more compassion for herself.

School Counselor
School Counselor

How Daybreak Works

Counseling and medication support to help with anxiety, motivation, academics, concentration, depression, and more—for youth ages 10-19.

An evidence-based treatment approach

Our therapy and medication support programs are backed in the science of what works for youth. 3 in 4 youth see symptom reductions and 90%+ of parents report improvements.

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Get matched with a specialized clinician

With over 50 youth-specialized clinicians on staff, we make a perfect match based on need, clinical style and even personality type! 90% of youth say we get the match right.

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Technology-enabled communication

Therapy sessions are virtual and in-between sessions our mobile app enables care check-ins and a way for parents to stay engaged as well.

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A Playbook for School Districts:

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Execute a Successful On-Site Teletherapy Program

More and more school districts across the country are providing school-sponsored teletherapy programs for students. See how they are facilitating these sessions on school campuses in 5 easy steps.