Onsite Mental Health Program

Daybreak provides school-based mental health clinicians to increase students’ access to therapy while removing the managerial and operational burdens from schools and districts.

Our full-service program provides end-to-end services for vetting, hiring, training, managing, and supervising K-12 onsite mental health clinicians.

Interviewing, Vetting 
& Hiring
We manage the hiring process from end-to-end to quickly hire clinicians that meet each district’s customized needs including cultural relevance and language needs.


Evidence-Based Program & Training
All hire and placed clinicians are trained on Daybreak’s CBT, 12-week evidence-based program for youth, including both individual and group models.


Ongoing Management & Clinical Supervision
Daybreak supervises, oversees, and manages all onsite clinicians as well as the day-to-day-operations, scheduling, and all of the necessary administrative tasks—we leverage clinicians across multiple district sites.


Seamless Integration with School-Based Teams
Our onsite team attends weekly meetings with school-based staff and provides updates on assessments, student’s progress, and care coordination.


End-to-end Services
In addition to 1:1 therapy, our onsite teams provide diagnostic services, evaluations, group therapy, make referrals, and more.


Documentation, Systems & Reporting
Our clinicians have access to Daybreak’s world-class EHR for documentation and care tracking which allows our onsite teams to provide best-in-class impact reporting on students served, engagement, and clinical outcomes.


Clinical Staffing Experts

Our clinical hiring team are experts—and have a proven track record—in finding, vetting, training, and retaining qualified and diverse clinicians. 

Seamless Integration

Our clinicians work hand-in-hand with school-based teams and are in constant communication about each students care, progress, and treatment.

Managerial & Operational Experience

We will reduce the administrative  burden by managing onsite staff and the day-to-day operations including scheduling, triaging, care coordination, reporting, and more. Our clinicians have access to Daybreak’s EHR for tracking, documentation, and clinical outcomes.

Increased Access

Onsite services allows more students to have easy access to mental health support throughout the school day, reducing barriers to getting care like transportation, time off from work/school, and limited capacity from community providers.

Onsite Mental Health Team: Example Structure

All Onsite Clinicians:

  • ✓ Maintain Caseloads

  • ✓ Provide Crisis Response Support

  • ✓ Facilitate Group Therapy

  • ✓ Can Work Across School Sites

  • ✓ Complete Necessary Documentation