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Daybreak Health is creating a world where every young person can access—and benefit from—mental health support.

Join us to help solve the most defining problem of an entire generation.

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Clinical Opportunities

Kids need us now more than ever. Clinicians are in high demand and short supply. But, that doesn’t stop us from hiring the best, most qualified clinical team.

Want to learn more about the clinical opportunities at Daybreak? Talk to our Head of Clinical Recruitment to hear about why Daybreak is quickly becoming the best place to work for clinicians.

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Clinical Leader
in K-12

Daybreak partners with school districts to provide free, accessible mental health care to all kids. Because of this youth-focus, our clinicians work exclusively with kids.

Clinical Excellence is a Core Value

One-on-one clinical supervision and ongoing collaboration with other clinical team members is essential. Our team continues to grow and learn from one another.

Focused on DEIB

We believe—and have proven—that kids need to meet with therapists that they can relate to in order to drive positive outcomes. We personally match our students to their therapist based on presenting needs, cultural background, language, and personal preferences. This is why 90% of the students we work with say we matched them to the right clinician.

Invested in You

We make it easy for you by taking care of the arduous administrative work—including billing and payments—so that your time can be focused on your young clients. We offer paid clinical trainings, paid one-on-one clinical supervision, free credentialing with major health plans, CEU Credit, and an opportunity for Daybreak to cover your cross-licensure costs. We also have a continuing education tracking system so our clinicians have access to trainings that are required for ongoing clinical education.

As we learn, we’re teaching each other. A lot of the interventions that I’ve used are things that I’ve learned from other clinicians. I really love the clinical collaboration which ensures that we provide the best supports for our young clients.

Daybreak Clinician

“I feel so honored and privileged to work with this group of clinicians. You make me better everyday.”

Daybreak Clinician

“I absolutely love working with my young clients. They are so real, honest, and....hilarious! They’re the ones inspiring me!”

Daybreak Clinician