Universal Screener

Oftentimes teens mental health issues go unnoticed and sometimes the unnoticed issues can be the most dangerous ones. It’s important to monitor youth mental health in an ongoing way to identify needs early and get kids the support they need.

Early identification

Allows schools to screen for needs like anxiety, mood disorders, stressors, and trauma that impact students' day-to-day activities.


School staff can review individual results of the tier-based scoring system to put students into tiers of need and identify where additional support may be needed.

Easy implementation & access

Students take this assessment in-class, with a web-based link, and it only takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Reporting & data sharing

School staff can view the results at the individual-level as well as overall trends across school sites, grade levels, demographics, and SEL status that informs training and universal supports.

We just got the results back and it’s amazing because it tells me what each of my middle schools and high schools needs. All the sites need something different.

Felipe Flores, Director of Mental Health, Lake Elsinore Unified School District

“The data guides us to be more pinpointed on where we’re providing mental health support and where we can be be more deliberate.”

Daybreak District Partner

“This will help our teachers to have a better foundational understanding of our students and be an extension of a student’s growth ”

 Daybreak District Partner