The most comprehensive school-based mental health program.

Daybreak serves as a virtual extension of a school’s mental health program—identifying student needs and providing end-to-end solutions to meet those needs.

Schools are becoming the most
important mental health provider for students.

Daybreak provides a proactive, multi-tiered system of school-based mental health support.

Identify Needs

Identifying needs through universal mental health screeners and accessing that data securely via a custom school dashboard.

Tier 1:

Offering live, virtual classes for families as well as professional development for staff.

Tier 2:
On-Site Services

As a complement to virtual support, some districts have a Daybreak clinician on-site to provide
in-person services like drop-ins, group therapy, program management, and more.

Tier 3:
1:1 Virtual Therapy

A 12-week skill building, evidence-based, virtual therapy program with a licensed clinician. Allows for flexibility, immediate access and 1:1 support.

Daybreak's Mental Health Classes

Daybreak provides a curriculum of classes—led by licensed clinicians—for families and school staff to learn about youth mental health and how we can effectively understand, identify, and support their needs.

School districts have partnered with Daybreak to serve over 400,000 students.

Our partnership with Daybreak Health has proven to be instrumental in a short amount of time. Daybreak Health understands and supports our mission of supporting students with becoming the best potential version of themselves. We look forward to building, growing, and moving our relationship with Daybreak Health further as we support all students.

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

Going from families who are saying they can’t find a therapists for their child, to - here’s the referral link to the intake, go ahead and schedule that, and by the end of the week they’ve already met with somebody. That was never something I experienced, even before Covid.

School Counselor

I have been out of the office for over a week and this is the best news to come back to! Thank you so much for providing this service. I have at least 3 families right away that I would like to refer.

School Counselor

This has been a great resource, especially for families who have been searching for mental health support. Students and families are relieved when we are able to schedule the intake within a few days.

Mental Health Coordinator

I have seen students be able to more effectively express their feelings and improve communication with their teachers, which then helps their overall feelings at school and academic progress.

School Counselor

[I referred students to Daybreak because] they needed mental health services that I am not qualified to provide. Or needed long-term treatment that I didn’t have resources (or time) to provide…Thank you so much for providing this resource for our students!

School Counselor

We just got the results back and it’s amazing because it tells me what each of my middle schools and high schools needs. All the sites need something different. When you have that data about ‘this is what this student needs’ or ‘this is what this school needs’, let’s attack it with love, with precise intervention, and then we can help our kids and build community in our schools.

Mental Health Specialist

Daybreak’s Mental Health Screeners

The most comprehensive mental health screener for youth, Daybreak’s Universal Screener is the only screener that covers mental health across 8 different sub-topics. This information is essential in identifying student’s mental health needs early to inform proactive, multi-tiered systems of support before a crisis arises.

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Why Daybreak?

Immediate Access to Care

Within 1-2 weeks of a referral, students are meeting with a licensed clinician. Daybreak quickly becomes an extension of your in-school team and increases capacity and capabilities.

Clinician Matching & Strong Therapeutic Alliances

We match students to licensed clinicians based on their needs and preferences (like language, race, cultural background, gender, etc.), leading to better outcomes.

Equitable & Affordable Care

With a consistent pulse on the mental health and wellness of students, schools can ensure that every student has equal access to the mental health support they need, taking the financial burden off of families.

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Webinar: An important discussion about school-based mental health

Join us on 5/5 to hear school district leaders from South San Francisco Unified School District, Lake Elsinore Unified School District, and East Side Union High School District talk about their mental health strategies.

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