School Partnerships

41% of teens with anxiety never receive treatment, and 70% never get treated for depression. 

Come prepared for the wave of mental health needs this year.

Get your students into counseling immediately by growing your counseling program with Daybreak's team of licensed clinicians.

Do you notice any of these behaviors with your teen?

Rapid Response & Counselor Matching

Students are guaranteed a match with a counselor within 5-7 days of being referred to Daybreak.


Matches are made based on clinical specialty, counselor background, and even personality. 

Evidence-Based Counseling

Our growing team of counselors is made up of LMFTs, LCSWs, who are focused specifically on working with teens. 

Daybreak prioritizes counselor diversity by ethnicity, gender, and language.

True Partnership with School Teams

Daybreak provides school staff with monthly progress reports  about students receiving counseling interventions so schools can fully support students progress.

Who We Serve

  • Mild to moderate anxiety and mood disorders (anxiety, depression)

  • ADHD

  • Mild eating disorders

  • Affect Dysregulation or Anger Management   

  • Challenges with relationships

  • Stress related to school or academics

  • Identity or Sexual Development       

  • Stress related to the pandemic

  • Co-occurring substance use, mild Autism or learning disorders

We currently serve students ages 12-19 in California

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About School Partnerships

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