Why School Counselors Refer Their Students to Daybreak

Are you looking for ways to ease your caseloads? Noticing that more students need support? Trying to serve students and families with bilingual needs? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, and Daybreak Health has partnered with your district, our teletherapy services are free and accessible to students and can help to solve some of these challenges.

The Efficacy of Teletherapy

Daybreak’s flexible and customized 12-week treatment model incorporates a range of treatment modalities and we’ve found our program to be highly effective as a short-term mental health intervention, with overall improvements of ~80%. This model drives high client attendance and engagement, especially with this age group (10-19). It’s important for you to know that many of the students we work with also continue to meet with their site counselor or social worker throughout the year to ensure they continue to have that trusted relationship on campus.

Matching Each Student to a Therapist That’s Right for Them

Teletherapy opens up support for students that haven’t been able to access services through their local community in the past. Similarly, by expanding access to licensed clinicians across the state, we can ensure students work with a diverse population of clinicians, no matter where they are physically located. Daybreak personally matches our therapists to students based on presenting needs, cultural background, language, and personal preferences. 74% of Daybreak’s clinicians identify as BIPOC, 14% identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and they speak 7 different languages. That’s why 90% of the students we work with say we matched them to the right clinician.

Referring a Student to Daybreak is Easy 

Making a student referral to Daybreak shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes. You just have to meet with the student and pick a day/time for their intake appointment, select the appointment time from the list of options, enter the requested student's information, and click ”submit referral.” (Note: If you're not sure where to access your district's referral form, schedule a call and we'll help you get started.)

The Daybreak team is happy to have a quick, 15-minute session with you on how to refer or you can join Daybreak’s Office Hours every Thursday at 3pm PST/5pm CST.

Introducing Students to Teletherapy

Teletherapy might be a new concept to some kids so it’s important to share with them what to expect. Here’s a one-pager that you can share with kids about what the intake appointment is like, what they can expect in their first session, and more.

We have found that our more customized approach often builds rapport with teens which leads to better clinical outcomes and metrics. Generally kids are talking more openly about therapy, helping to de-stigmatize mental health.

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