Creating the Best Place to Work for Clinicians

How our clinical leadership team works together to bring their best selves to the work they do every day—for the clinicians on their teams and their clients.

Influence. Innovate. Inspire. Those were the themes of our recent 3-day offsite for our clinical leadership team at Daybreak Health. I am so grateful that we were able to take this time and space to learn from—and collaborate with—one another. We left feeling more connected and energized to continue to bring our best selves to the work we do every day with both the clinicians we supervise and our clients.

At Daybreak, we believe in the importance of cultivating strong therapeutic relationships with our clients to drive positive outcomes. So, we spent a lot of time talking about Brene Brown’s idea of BRAVING and the formation of relationships. For us, creating strong relationships is two-fold. The first being our supervisor-supervisee relationships and second is the clinicians relationship with their clients. We asked ourselves questions like, How do we demonstrate each quality of Braving? What are we continuing to learn how to do? How can your leadership team help you develop the qualities you want to develop? We found that being our authentic selves means we show up in each space with an open, non-judgemental attitude. We talked about leading with curiosity and assuming the good will of others. Perhaps, most importantly, we learned that we are still growing and learning. 

We strive to create the best place to work for our clinical team and are continually getting feedback from our clinicians via pulse surveys. We looked at the survey data and brainstormed about how we could turn that feedback into action. There were some great conversations and ideas about how we can make the clinician experience even better and we’ve already started to execute on them. We are excited to offer more training and spaces to connect with one another. We are actively working to create a stronger sense of community through more interaction with the entire clinical leadership team and through team-building activities. 

One of the best things about having a team of clinicians is the opportunity to collaborate and learn from one another. We are constantly bouncing ideas and interventions off of each other so that we can provide the best support for our clients. Our jobs are emotionally demanding and having a team (and company) that is supportive of you is truly incredible. 

Did I mention how much fun we had?! We spent time in the Gaslamp District in San Diego to “escape” together and had a fabulous dinner laughing and talking about our upbringings, families, and hobbies. And, the offsite just so happened to be during Cinco de Mayo so one of our leaders, Juan, cooked a full BBQ with carne asada, shrimp, and veggie tacos!

We left feeling inspired, grateful...and full! I can’t wait to grow our team and continue to improve our clinical program to make Daybreak the best experience for our clinicians and our clients. 

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