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How Lake Elsinore got the data they needed to support their students mental health

Daybreak + Lake Elsinore Unified School District

The Challenge

The district team wanted to better understand where the biggest mental health needs were and how they could provide the right levels of support to meet those needs.

The Outcome

In collaboration with Daybreak, the district launched a universal screener which uncovered the most prevalent therapeutic interventions needed, the school sites with the highest needs, and variances by student groups like gender, grade level, GPA, etc.

This data is being used to set up 1:1 virtual therapy sessions with Daybreak's licensed clinicians, create student support groups, and curriculum implementation for students, staff, and families.

We just got the results back and it’s amazing because it tells me what each of my middle schools and high schools needs. All the sites need something different.

Felipe Flores, Mental Health Program Specialist