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Get personally matched with a  clinician based on your needs and personality so counseling feels natural and easy.

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Access support from anywhere through the Daybreak mobile app.

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3 in 4 youth feel better after 10 weeks in Daybreak’s program.

What Teens Say Are Saying About Daybreak

I am able to let out my emotions and thoughts that are bothering me. It helps me get through stress. I feel like my therapist was really fit for me and my personality and she helped a lot!


I have someone to talk to about anything and everything. This was a pleasure that I did not have before receiving counseling. Additionally, I better understand myself and my harmful tendencies.


It allows me to reflect on my week and get rid of any burdens I may have by talking about what's going on.


I always thought that having a therapist meant something was wrong with me. I was wrong. Having a therapist means I have a place that is safe, somewhere that is only for me. You gave me that place. I never felt judged for being ME.


My counselor is rad, she makes therapy something that I look forward to and I know I am getting a lot out of the strategies. It has made a big impact on my life.


I love my therapist! I thoroughly enjoy Daybreak, and may just say that this saved my life on several occasions. Thank you. ❤️


Right when you think it's going to be awkward and hard to open up and talk they really make you comfortable and at ease with yourself.


At Daybreak, I have someone I am comfortable talking to. My counselor has guided me to find solutions to my problems or at least ways to cope with them.


How to Get Started

1. Reach out

Book your free 15-minute intro call with one of our Care Coordinators who specialize in supporting teens. We'll talk through what you need and help match you to the right program.

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2. Find the perfect match

With over 50 youth-specialized clinicians on staff, we make a perfect match based on need, clinical style and even personality type! 90% of youth say we get the match right

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3. Use our mobile app

Chat with your counselor and track your progress through the Daybreak mobile app. Get mental health on your terms.

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