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Taylor Langley


California Institute of Integral Studies, Masters in Counseling Psychology


LMFT #126523

Years of experience

Chat with me

Hi, I’m Taylor and I have been working with teens, kids, and families for over 6 years in San Francisco. I think that teens have some extra challenges these days with all the abrupt changes that have happened over the last few years, and I enjoy supporting them. I have worked with teens that have dealt with trauma and teens who have a hard time getting along with their families and/or peers, among other issues. I have a natural curiosity for the inner workings of human beings, which allows me to explore your inner world and unfold your potential while concurrently finding ways to appreciate and cultivate love for yourself, as you are. We are all unique and need different things at different moments, and I carry that through with a flexible therapy approach that sets me apart from other therapists. Prior to moving to the Bay Area nearly a decade ago, I grew up in a culturally rich area of Atlanta, Georgia, which helped to shape my desire to understand the inequalities, both racially and socioeconomically that exist in the world. Having experienced cross-cultural relationships has given me a unique cultural lens to help people who may have experienced or are experiencing similar issues in relationships. Fun facts are that I like cats, trying to grow vegetables, and reading and studying astrology in my spare time. Please reach out if you have any questions about me.

Speciality areas

Familial Relationships
Relationships with Peers
Romantic Relationships
Sexual Identity Development
Immigration/Immigrant Family
Cultural Diversity/Acculturation
Anger Management
Academic Stress
Attachement Difficulties

Also experienced with

Sleep Difficulties
Substance Use
Eating Disorders
Cognitive Delays
Neurodiversity (ADHD, ASD, Sensory Processing Disorders)
Gender Identity (including non-conforming or transgender)
Difficult to Engage Youth (foster youth, homeless youth, complex trauma)

Therapeutic approaches

Motivational Interviewing
Family Therapy
Internal Family Systems