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Eve Seagal


UCLA, BA in World, Arts and Cultures/Ethnomusicology; CSU Hayward, Masters of Science in Educational School Counseling; Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology


Years of experience

Chat with me

Hello. My name is Dr. Eve Seagal and I am a Mental Health Therapist. I love animals, hiking, nature, music, art, writing, reading books, and traveling. In terms of traveling, ever since I was very young, I was fascinated with people and cultures of the world. This natural curiosity led to a series of trips to developing countries that began at age 15 and ultimately turned into a quest to discover the common thread that unites all people together. I began my early career in the arts--photography, film making, and music, but I always had a deep interest in psychology. This natural interest in people, combined with a strong desire to help others led me to work in the school system with children, youth, and families. It was within this school context that I was able to work collaboratively with parents and teachers, as well as utilize my natural creative inclinations as a healing modality in working with students who have experienced trauma, depression, loss of a parent, adoption, identity issues and anxiety. I believe that adolescence is a crucial stage in human development--a time of challenges, marked by significant physical and emotional changes along the way. Emergence from this stage of life's journey with a positive self-image is a fundamental step toward self-empowerment. I use strength-based CBT along with psychodynamic, positive psychology, and humanistic therapy approaches that incorporate creative forms of self-expression such as journaling, art, bibliotherapy, music, mindfulness, and relaxation to help teens understand themselves and others in their life, and to recognize their natural gifts and capacities.

Speciality areas

Familial Relationships
Relationships with Peers
Sexual Identity Development
Gender Identity (including non-conforming or transgender)
Learning Differences (Dyslexia)
Romantic Relationships
Immigration/Immigrant Family
Cultural Diversity/Acculturation
Difficult to Engage Youth (foster youth, homeless youth, complex trauma)

Also experienced with

Bipolar Disorder
Panic Disorder
Self-Harming Behavior/Suicide Risk
Sexual Identity Development
Gender Identity (including non-conforming or transgender)
Anger Management
Academic Stress
Sleep Difficulties
Substance Use
Eating Disorders
Cognitive Delays
Neurodiversity (ADHD, ASD, Sensory Processing Disorders)
Attachement Difficulties

Therapeutic approaches

Motivational Interviewing
Family Therapy
Internal Family Systems