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We know navigating teen mental health can be stressful and complex for parents. If you and your teen find counseling could help, we offer a free consultation and next-day matching.

81% of youth improve after 12 weeks

12 Week Plan


Proven for Mental Wellbeing

3 in 4

Youth have symptoms subside

4.5 / 5

Youth Satisfaction with program


Parents report behavioral improvements

Science-Backed & Effective

Teletherapy is engaging and effective

Therapy made easy and accessible with technology that allows teens to quickly engage. Research shows that teletherapy and telepsychiatry are at least as effective as in person care.

Based on a multisystemic approach

Multisystemic therapy is an evidence-based practice that involves the teen as well as the family unit and the school. All of our therapy programs involve the parent through check-ins and a parent dashboard.

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