Medication Support

We provide comprehensive care and additional medication support.

Psychiatry and Medication to Aid Improvement

Medication and therapy together can improve treatment outcomes by 60%

With a Psychiatrist and Therapist on your care team, you can feel good about starting down the most proven path to feeling better.

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Why Daybreak?


Our specialized teen assessment helps your Psychiatrist translate symptoms & goals into a treatment plan

Collaborative Care

Your Therapist and Psychiatrist are one Care Team and will collaborate to ensure comprehensive care

Effective Medication

Your Psychiatrist will find the right FDA approved medication for you and measure efficacy and progress over time

How it Works

1. Get Started

Book a 15-minute intro call or get a referral from your Daybreak Therapist.

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2. Initial Assessment

75-minute initial assessment including both the parent and the teen, ending in a prescription if appropriate ($350)

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3. Medication Support Appointments

20-minute follow-ups to track progress and titrate medication, usually monthly ($125/session)

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Meet Dr. Jason Yanofski

Dr. Jason Yanofski

school & training

Drexel University College of Medicine Psychiatry,
Johns Hopkins Hospital Child Psychiatry Residency,
University of Texas Child Psychiatry Fellowship,
Yale School of Medicine Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship



Years of Experience


I have over fifteen years of experience in psychiatry. I was trained by world leaders at Johns Hopkins and Yale. I enjoy working with children and families, and I've treated patients around the world with jobs in Germany, Singapore and most recently on a US Navy base in Japan. I am comfortable working with people from all backgrounds and cultures. Things I enjoy outside of work include comedy, racquetball, technology, philosophy, and planning for my next adventure. Nice to meet you!