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Understanding your teen's behavior

A drop in engagement

Less engagement in school, extracurriculars or with family

Dealing with pressure

Difficulty dealing with stress, pressure and burnout from a very busy schedule

Self-esteem & image

Drop in self-esteem or anxiety related to body issues or peers

Excessive screen time

Excessive time with video games or online media. Self-isolating behavior.

Trouble sleeping

Trouble with consistent sleep, or with frequent fatigue


Behavior that's harmful to their health

Do you notice any of these behaviors with your teen?

Our Wellness Check

Reach out on the chat about behaviors you're noticing and our care concierges will reply instantly.


Schedule a free wellness check to help you understand drivers and what can help. 




We only use evidence-based techniques scientifically shown to help teens. Leading clinical experts from UCSF and Stanford helped design our tech-enabled clinical program. 


Teens find our platform natural to use and we guarantee a good counselor match. Teens do 1:1 video sessions at times convenient for them and can stay connected with counselors via a dedicated messaging app. 

Partner with YOU

We partner with parents throughout. We come up with a plan with you and your teen. In getting started, we respond instantly over chat, and can offer a next-day consult. No more waitlists


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We'll have a call with you and your teen to learn more, understand your goals and needs, and craft a plan. 

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We will help you choose the right plan, and jointly develop goals for treatment. 

Our plans range from $59-$89 per week (far more affordable than private practice).

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We match your teen with the right counselor so they can get started. No more waitlists. We guarantee a great match.

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