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Matching students with therapists based on preferences

Daybreak in Partnership with Moreno Valley Schools

Speed to Therapy

Moreno’s In-house team is impressed with how little time it takes from referral to intake to 1:1 therapy.

Diverse Clinicians

A huge value and differentiator of Daybreak is our ability to take students’ preferences around therapists’ racial diversity, ethnicity and language into account during the clinical matching process.

Easy Referral Process

Because there’s a well-defined structure in place, it is easy for in-house specialists to make a referral in minutes.


students are referred to Daybreak each week

5 days

from referral to first appointment

I’d like to work with a therapist who is Latina and Spanish speaking and has personally dealt with anxiety.


I am able to let out my emotions and thoughts that are bothering me. It helps me get through stress. I feel like my therapist was really fit for me and my personality and she helped a lot!