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A Trauma Resource Guide for Families and Educators: How to Talk to Kids about Traumatic Events

In America, senseless tragedies like what happened in Uvalde, TX means that families and educators need to be prepared to talk to kids about these horrific events. Daybreak Health has compiled resources—that have been recommended by our licensed mental health clinicians—that you can share with the parents and educators in your community so they feel equipped to have these challenging conversations. 

And, we’ve noticed that there aren’t many resources to help support in-school teams with the trauma they’ve experienced. We’ve created this Guide for Educators: 6 Ways To Help Your In-School Team Deal With Trauma, to best support the people who are on the frontlines and working with kids everyday.

Here are some helpful articles, prompts, and PDFs you can share with your community in the aftermath of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting:

The Daybreak Team

June 21, 2022 5:03 AM