Hi,  my name is Alex.  I'm CEO and co-founder of Daybreak Health (formerly Elemental Health).  At Daybreak, we wake up every day thinking about how we can help every young person access high-quality mental health support.  The seeds of our mission began more than 10 years ago, with my brother's story...

My younger brother struggled with depression throughout high school.  He and my parents spent 100s of hours trying to find a therapist  - one that was affordable, geographically accessible, didn't have a waitlist, and most importantly - understood him.  What they found instead: $200 sessions, offices 1-2 hours drive away, 4-8 week wait lists for appointments, and therapists who had never worked with teens in their lives. Sound familiar?  After 10 years, a lot of pain, and one avoidable crisis, he finally got the care he needed.  You can read more about our story here

Our team at Daybreak is made up of passionate teen-focused clinicians who believe that there is a better way.  We've designed our program hand-in-hand with teens who need it, and the parents who believe a better option exists.  I invite you to join our community. If you have questions, feedback, or just want to talk, feel free to email me directly at alex@daybreakhealth.com


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